Surgeries, Vacations, and Delinquent Blogging

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That’s me and I hope you understand. Trust me, readers, I think about you every day. I think about those who send me emails and Facebook messages about how you enjoy reading my musings and all about my bizarre life. But then, the pressure overcomes me and I develop this aversion to logging in. It’s the stress that gets to me. I’m so weird.

When I first started this blog nearly a year and a half ago it had migrated from a silly ole blogspot blog that I’d been writing in for a couple years previous and had maybe enough posts count on my two hands and half a foot. It also had a terrible template, tons of wannabe writings that weren’t me, and contrived thoughts typed in an attempt to arouse interest. The problem is I didn’t realise I wasn’t entirely interested in blogging as a lifestyle and thus produced rather uninteresting posts. Then again, perhaps I could have had more banal of a life compared to now. There were, however, a select few posts that I transferred to this one, but other than those everything else is lost in cyberspace. 

So as the summer rolls in and the beaches warm up and fill with flocks of bodies hungry for the ocean and the sunshine, and opportunities to explore the province I’ve come to call my 2nd home, my blogging probably won’t pick up. I’m warning you ahead of time. I just have such a craving for outdoors in all shapes and forms; even the stormy kinds. I’m sure I’ll check in with a photo or two here and there, maybe even a solid week will go by when I’ll write more, I just don’t knowwww.

Also, I’m still in recovery from my surgery. Hard to believe it’s almost been three weeks. Some days can still be rather uncomfortable and sleeping can take on a whole new meaning which can be pretty sucky sometimes. A shitty sleep means an uncomfortable rising, means a cranky and uncomfortable day. I truck on though, as best I can, wincing, whining and sometimes suffering in silence, then other days are fantastic so it’s a fine balance. I’ve really learned to listen to my body though so it’s like meeting an old, familiar friend. I take good care of me lately.

I visited parts of beautiful Vancouver Island this past weekend with Keira and met up with a friend as well. I met some dog friends, touched the noses of some dairy cows, and spent some time with the amazing spirit of some horses. The last time I was on the Island was in 1994 so in many ways it felt new all over again. It’s nice to leave the energy of the city to escape to a place that lives and breathes tranquility. A place where people you pass on the sidewalk will say good morning and a smile comes easy. Ottawa offered that in a lot of ways with a quick 45 minute drive outside of the city. It’s been a while since I felt that kind of quiet calmness so it was rejuvenating. 

So I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll leave you with some photos from the last month or so just for fun. Should be good enough for a while at least.

Yea… life’s been good to me so far.

ps. Do you remember Say Anything? I bought it over the weekend and forgot how much I love it. The car make out scene … sigh … 80’s movies are so rad.












I’m pretty sure Jordy actually does smile…


Pretty Charley girl…


Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery…




Les vaches


So loverly they were…


I called this one Cindy Crawford…






This is Mitch. He liked our crackers…

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3 Responses to Surgeries, Vacations, and Delinquent Blogging

  1. Hahah! I love the picture of Keira and Jordy on the Motorcycle! Great photos!!!

  2. Keira-Anne says:

    So, this was fun.

    P.S. Ice cream.

  3. Marlee says:

    That icecream looks delicious! Oh and you with the horses is another reason to add to my list of “why you look like my friend andrea” … she’s a total horse/animal lover, you talk the same way, have the same sort of voice, annnnnnd look like you could be twin sisters.

    I need to find pictures to infact confirm this

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