It Goes Like This: Part Duo

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This is a little late, je sais.

Here’s Part Uno.

I was really looking forward to coming back to Ottawa from the wedding weekend because it meant hanging out with my old friends from home. I had two and a half days to do this and got to work right away. First stop was with two of my most favourite little people in this entire world. I’ve known both of them since they were no more than 15 minutes old and I cherish every moment I have to hug and kiss them and tickle their tummies.

Avery and Noah. Shannon and Ben’s kids. It’s hard being so far away because since I’ve been gone Noah has started walking, talking, laughing, and growing his baby teef. Avery has lost baby teeth and is growing her big-girl teeth. She’s reading in English AND in French. So it can feel like I blink and a year has gone by just like that. In some ways it’s fantastic seeing how big they are since I saw them last, but in other ways it is a bittersweet view into how much their lives have changed since the last time too. 

We picked up exactly where we left off, with some hugs and tickle fights. I used to flip Avery upside-down so she could “walk” on the ceiling but we tried it and either I’m getting old or she’s too big – actually it might be a bit of both. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be taller than me in two years; I’m such a ‘squeak. 













I met up with Kenny later on that night and was initially very mean by ignoring the doorbell when he arrived because I was trapped on one of the higher levels of Bouncing Balls and didn’t want to fault the game. It was awful. I was yelling at him (but in a nice way) from the bedroom window to wait. Poor Kenny.

So Kenny’s all: “Andrea I know you can hear the doorbell.”
And I’m all: “I know but hang on two seconds.”
And Kenny’s all:  “What are you doing?”
And I’m all: “I don’t want to tell you.”

I was in this position, possessed:

Bouncing Balls

Thankfully Kenny is used to this from me so when he saw that the reason for the delay was Bouncing Balls he mumbled something like “You’re fucking nuts,” as I got back into position with a new game. My response was something like “Ya … Oh no, can you scratch my shoulder? Quick!”

 If I may interject with word from the wise (that’s me):

Always surround yourself with people who you can be yourself with and nothing less. People who will never question you or make you feel like you have to explain your self (yes, two words). Most importantly, surround yourself with people who get your mania and love you anyway. Otherwise who are you living for then? 

How do I get away with it? I make no apologies. The less you apologise for yourself the more people trust you without having to try because they know that you know what you’re doing and they relax. The less you apologise, the less you resent people for making you feel like you have to apologise. The circle is sealed. Fait accompli.

One other thing: Be one step ahead of the game – know all your faults and have an answer for everything.  Always be prepared to have them pointed out to you especially if you tend to be a little more unconventional.

Kenny will tell you that when we hang out I turn into a hug whore. It’s the strangest thing but I guess where I’m coming from I clearly don’t get enough hugs. I mean yes, you love and appreciate the girl friend hug. The embrace where you say “Bye-eee” and it feels good because it’s your girl friend. Of course there’s the family hug – all very nice. But, for me anyway, no hug compares to that of a man hugging me so tight that I can feel my vertebrae align. That’s the kind I like and that’s the kind I request from Kenny. It’s the Crack My Back Hug as I like to call it. I’m sure in some ways Kenny feels a little used for his hugs but everyone knows even if it starts out as a pity, it always feels good five seconds in anyway. NB. There is a difference between being hugged by a man vs. being hugged by a strange man. Pick your targets carefully, always scrutinize.


In between hugging Kenny and playing Bouncing Balls I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with Margot – just the two of us. I found that since enduring the flight with me and seeing me there at the end of it, I think she felt more trusting of me than she ever had. Not only that but she had a whole house to herself at my mom’s. A basement to explore! Stairs to climb! Bay windows to sit in. I knew that once I flew back to Vancouver I’d never see her crooked little tail again and this made my heart feel this kind of slogged relief which really is an oxymoron but it’s the best way I can describe it. 

I met up with T. Mo and her friends in Ottawa which was pretty fun. T and I are both from there but met in Vancouver. That was kind of foreign to me in a way, but also comforting. Here we are rolling with the lefts and rights of Vancouver but we have this kind of home-cooked kinship that also extends subconsciously. Hanging with T in Otts felt like I was bringing my new life home to meet the parents. We also did something really unique and went to a sushi restaurant…


The next day I spent some time with Chelsy, Shaun, and another of my favourite little people, Riley-girl. It was especially nice because I had just seen Chelsy on my stomping grounds in July when she and Riley came to stay with me for a weekend.

I head over to pretty little Gatineau, QC to their most beautiful home (seriously, it’s the product of two incredibly creative, loving, and free-spirited minds; one DJs as a hobby, the other sells hand made jewellery) for a really nummy lunch and some catch up time with my dear, old friends.







After I bid them a farewell and a see you soon I head over to my Dad’s to meet his new Harley. He said “Sit on it and let me take a photo.” It was one of those family photo ops. Daughter sitting on Dad’s new Harley. Like standing next to the Christmas tree or posing beside Michael Jackson at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; it feels awkward, but you smile anyway. It was fun, especially when I had it idling and revving the engine. Well hello there, I thought to myself as that beast rumbled under me. 


I try Motorcycle Mama on for size.


I said goodbye to my Dad and my new sister, Harley for good-bye in an until next time kind of way and head to my next destination that evening. Some goodies and tea with some of my high school girlfriends, their husbs, and their babes. The single girl makes the rounds…

I held Margot tight to me when I got home and I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t aching. For your blogger… well, she has quite an attachment to animals. Especially those who struggle. In turn, those animals become quite attached to yours truly and I dozed off to the sound of the slowing rhythm of her purrs. 

Kenny called me twenty minutes in with an invite for a late night drive and some peppermint tea. I’m going to stay in my pajamas, I said. He picked me up and took me on one last drive around a rainy Ottawa in slumber before I left the next morning to fly back to my Vancouver life. 

It’s fun having two lives, you know. One ahead of you and one behind. It’s like I’m a secret agent man.

But man, I feel like a woman.

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  1. Keira-Anne says:

    I’m glad you had a super fun time, but even more glad that you came back to us in Vancouver!

  2. Shannon says:

    Andrea….you are one of the most creative and most amazing and smartest people I know. I had such an awesome time with you at your bro’s wedding and I will never forget our weekend together. What an awesome blog…..loves you always my sista!!!!!

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