enough about me

PhotobucketI’m under-stimulated, over-analysed, and rarely understood, but things are looking up.

Oh and, I hate the word “thighs.”

Apparently this particular page was sparse and less than fulfilling so I have attempted to come up with something more captivating.

In my opinion however, the fact that I hate the word “thighs” should have been enough. It’s probably the most simple thing about me to explain.

Well … I love reading and will usually have two books and/or magazines on the go at any one time. Sometimes there are more. I keep the Dictionary/Thesaurus right beside my bed in case I get stuck on a crossword or I come across a new word in something I’m reading. 

On the very rare occasion I’ve been known to secretly rip crossword puzzles out of waiting room magazines. I may or may not be addicted to crossword puzzles.

It takes a lot to embarrass me.

I have dual citizenship. Canadian and Czech.

I like things simple but I don’t like simple-mindedness.

I believe that books, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku are the answer to all life’s problems.

I can be overwhelming to some people as much as I can be overwhelmed by certain personalities.

I do not do well with any kind of drama. I slowly shut down, close up, then I run away. Over the hills and far away.

I have a habit of making paper airplanes out of gum wrappers.

I can cursively write backwards.

I firmly believe my cats are the only people who understand me. Either that, or they have no opinion. I feed them really well.

I find joy in setting up servers and networks. I get excited when I encrypt something.

I punctuate my text messages and use proper capitalization. If I make a mistake, I will send another text message correcting myself.

I can become really quiet and withdrawn; when this happens it is because I’m incredibly deep in thought and have most likely mentally left the planet.

I have a bizarre phobia for twisted socks. It’s the one of the few things in this world that will actually cause a gag reflex in me. When I was a kid my socks had to be tight and pulled up straight to my knees, the seam had to be resting perfectly along the tips of my toes. I’ve been known to pull over when my sock is bunched, especially if it’s my clutch foot.