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oh my goodness, how tf have you been?!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

It has been four years since I last posted anything. In these last four years, I have thought of posting something approx once a month. I have also started eleven drafts that start with roughly four words then abruptly end, not even with a period, but occasionally an elipses. Mind you, this has always been the case with me and this here bloggy blog. If we were in a relationship, my blog would have broken up with me years ago.

In four years a lot can happen for some of us, for others life remains the same. For some of you, your four years of change might be coming up. In life, there really is no way of predicting something so dynamic. We can stand where we are right now and figure we have a good sense of what the next few years will look like, but we base it on what is reliable and static and what the previous few years have looked like. Work, our home, our activities, and our commitments, those tend to stay relatively regular for long periods of time so that we can, without much effort at all, look into the near future and not see much in the way of major change.

But then, there are those inevitable moments of happenstance that we all get to experience, to some varying degree, that throws everything off its axis. That’s when life picks up the pace a little and becomes exciting – for good or for bad – but it challenges us to adapt and to create a new reality. ┬áIn my experience, these things will happen when we let our guard down, loosen the reins, give up control, are ready for a change, or, my favourite, the moment we resign ourselves to the way things are.

Without jumping right into it after a four year hiatus, what I’m getting at is I have experienced a monumental change that set me off on one of the most unexpected and exciting adventures that I have experienced to date.

At 39, I became a mom.

Let’s be honest, this blog is going to take on a new form from the way it was. It would have to because I’m not the same person anymore. I don’t think I’m much different at the core of my personality, but content-wise, there will likely be more than a few discussions about baby shit. And, my experiences, going forward, will have almost everything to do with this little person I brought into this world.

I’d like to commit myself to regular blogging again because I feel like there is so much to this parenthood thing, and it’s not only babies, it’s about how we cope with, not only uncertainty, worry, and change, but the magnitute of how much personal growth is required to be a parent – especially a first-time one. It’s almost like being reborn yourself; because life and everything about who you are, who you THINK you are, is challenged.

I am ready to document and share everything I have learned so far, which is probably very little in the grand scheme of my 10-month-old son’s life, because I feel like I have benefited so much from the wisdom of those who have come before me, that it’s time for me to add to the pot and give back, too.

Here we go….!